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Bespoke Millwork & Fine Design



(adj.) from wood designed

Van Arbour Design is a bespoke millwork company that specializes in fine cabinetry.

We have over 30 years of experience designing functional solutions for everyday living. We prioritize the intentional beauty of curated, innovative design paired with bespoke craftsmanship.

Building on our extensive experience in the custom home building and renovating industry.



Before the design process even begins, it is essential to establish how you are going to be using your space. What is going where, who is using it, and how will the space best serve those purposes? We will help you design the best space plan for your home.

Avoid Mistakes

We take the time to work through how your space will look and feel so that we can catch any possible mistakes before they even happen. We are exacting in our site measurements and take great care to get the details right.

Manage Costs

We are respectful of your budgetary parameters and we use our extensive knowledge of millwork design and materials to help you stay within those boundaries.


The building phase of your custom millwork is made up of the following three stages:


We manufacture all our cases out of highly durable 3/4″ plywood which is always in stock. However, every custom millwork project involves specifically chosen face materials that are custom ordered. Lead time may need to be added to your project timeline as materials can take up to four to six weeks to arrive from the supplier.


The process of finding and signing off on the colour or stain finish of your choice, if not started in a timely manner, can delay your production timeline. We are happy to do numerous colour samples for you to make sure you are happy and we will always let you know if you are starting to cut it close to having your production time bumped.

Final Assembly

After finishing, the cabinets go into the final assembly where we incorporate the freshly finished parts into/onto the casework and ready the millwork for installation.


From Vision to Reality

The installation phase is when the space planning, custom fit, design and build all come together, and the extra time put into forethought pays off.

Finishing Touches

Once the cabinets have been installed, your chosen countertops will be templated, fabricated and installed to ensure a perfect fit. Keep in mind that if the countertops are supplied by an outside provider, this process will take extra time.

Importance of Planning

If you have chosen surface mounted handles, they will be installed on-site, but if your cabinets were designed with flush mounted, inset or concealed hardware, they will be installed during the manufacturing process.

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bespoke millwork & fine design


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Custom built for a lifelong herdsman, laidback cowboy grandeur defines this working ranch’s rustic wood textures and imposing scale.


fun fact

Van Arbour is currently the only millwork shop in Western Canada that has a SunSpot Catalytic paint drying facility – this advanced technology allows cabinetry paint to be cured 80% more efficiently and up to 8x faster to create an extremely durable finish quickly. This environmentally conscious technology also shortens the typical 14 day curing process to between 8 and 20 minutes, saving 70 – 80% of the previous convection method’s energy consumption.